Finding your highest expression and creating meaningful connection.

    Woman In Tune is about helping you find peace, achieve your goals, and simply live your best life. In these modern times, most people are out of touch with… well, everything. Ourselves, our relationships, our bodies… But underneath our busy lives and crowded schedules, there is a part of us that instinctively remembers inner peace and wisdom, and craves what we know is possible.


    A place of knowing.


    A place of fulfillment.


    A place of true connection.


    We just have to tune in. We don’t need a quick fix or a ‘how to’ book. All we truly need is to turn inward and cultivate the self-compassion that will help us transcend and move forward for ourselves. This will look different for everyone, as we all have our own personal struggles and individual things we want to achieve. Maybe your goal is to:


    Be happy with your body shape once and for all.


    Stop obsessing over food choices.


    Allow yourself to truly experience pleasure in your life.


    Have enough energy to play with your kids.


    Whatever it may be, we all deserve to achieve our own goals and reach our greatest potential. But let’s be honest – in the loud, fast paced and ill-focused world we live in today, tuning in to our own selves can be really difficult. Sometimes we need a coach, a mentor to help us find our way back to ourselves and to what we truly want. Someone to help us do the work of self-evolution. When it comes to mind body eating, this may include diet shifting, assessing work/life balance, thoughtful conversations around childhood experiences, laughing, crying, journaling, movement… We are multifaceted beings, and there is no one approach.


    Woman In Tune offers personalized coaching sessions in which we discuss struggles and challenges around weight, low energy, stress, yo-yo dieting, bloating, body image, and more. Mine is a holistic approach in which we take into account your life experiences, job satisfaction, relationships, pleasure, and more. “What are you eating?” and “How often are you exercising?” won’t get you where you want to go. If that worked, it would have already. I want to help you do the deeper work, to truly move the dial, and get you to where you want to be.

  • Our relationship with food + body is simply a mirror, showing us how we relate to others, ourselves, & life.







  • Mind Body Eating Coaching

    These are 1:1 personal coaching sessions in which we discuss your concerns and related goals you wish to achieve. This includes but is not limited to: weight, yo-yo dieting, bloating, low energy, binge eating, overeating, emotional eating, body image, digestive concerns, and nutritional confusion. We work together to discover what is holding you back from meeting your goals and how to create strategies to help you achieve your highest expression and most authentic self. Think of me as your personal mentor, guide, even cheerleader. These sessions are intuitive and meant to help you go deeper into yourself – in a more holistic way than traditional coaching or nutritional counseling. During our time together I am able to offer powerful and effective strategies based on my experiences as a Registered Nurse, Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, Intuitive Guide, and from simply being a Human Being on planet Earth. I have been in a body and eating for 30+ years. I have learned a lot, and I truly believe that we all have wisdom we can offer to each other and ourselves. We just need to tune in.


    Please see my calendar section to book an appointment. If you have any questions or concerns before setting up a session, or just want further information about what to expect from a Mind Body Eating Session, please feel free to reach out to me.



    Come join us as we cook together, eat, enjoy, and learn what it means to be an intuitive eater.

    We are excited to gather as women and truly nourish ourselves - emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Join us as we learn all about making alternative, healthier versions of our favorite fall dishes, and discuss what it means to be an intuitive eater. In this workshop you will learn why your appetite changes as the seasons change and how to optimize your metabolism as you consume richer, denser foods in the colder months. We will also spend time learning how to make new and fun recipes that honor your body as you sit down to enjoy a proper Friendsgiving. Expect hands-on participation with the cooking, as well as tangible takeaway information on intuitive eating and how you can apply it to your every day life.


    To purchase your tickets, click HERE.



    MIND+BODY and CAKE was a hit!! We talked about pleasure, what’s going on in your body on a physiological level when you experience pleasure AND we ate cake. I was fortunate enough to be able to partner with OURFLIPSIDELIFE in this workshop. After I spoke with everyone about pleasure, Karla taught us about alternative ingredients to ‘flip’ traditional cake recipes to a healthier version. And it was utterly delicious.


    Pleasure = healthy body.


    Pleasure is your birthright.


    Pleasure is not only a powerful appetite regulator, but it helps us to actually burn MORE calories, digest our food better, and absorb MORE nutrient from our food.


    Stressful, negating thoughts such as: “I’m going to have to run 2 more miles tomorrow because I ate this cake” does not set us up for a strong metabolism. This instead creates stress chemistry. Which DE-regulates appetite, cuts down our nutrient absorption by 60%, and creates more digestive upset.


    I want to empower women to have a more loving and accepting relationship with pleasure, not only because it is good for your body and metabolism, but also because YOU DESERVE IT.


    The empowered woman is evolving herself, growing, stepping into her highest potential. She is embodied and experiences pleasure - on the regular.


    THIS is your inherent truth as a woman.


    I hope together we move the dial in helping women to have more nourishing, loving, pleasurable relationships with their food, their bodies, and their life.

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  • About Me

    Sarah Beth Lambert

    I am a 30s-something female living in Brooklyn, New York. When I’m not traveling, working, or enjoying weekend brunch, I am at home snuggled up to my two cats and wonderful husband. My life’s mission is quite simple: I am here to explore and better understand the human experience, and in doing so, help to heal the collective. From my childhood years and on into adulthood, I have continued to be fascinated by nature, biology, inter-personal and intra-personal relationships. During my college years, I immersed myself in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology, with a focus in Nursing. I received my RN, BSN degree and worked as a Level I Trauma ER nurse as well as a Cardiac ICU nurse. I learned how to rely on my quick intuition, and also what it meant to understand human health and well-being in its full spectrum. Needing a change of pace, I eventually found myself in the heart of corporate America as a medical device rep. While I found this to be challenging and exciting, most days I still felt like I wasn’t fully expressing my true self and my innate skills and gifts. I wanted to help people in what felt like a more connected way. I eventually returned to the wisdom of my soul. I taught myself Tarot, and became certified as a Mind Body Eating Coach.


    These days I have the privilege of coaching others as they work through their challenges and create the life they know they deserve. I do this through exploring the relationships and interactions of one’s mind, body, and food. I find that these concepts are deeply connected to our experiences with safety, intimacy, love, fulfillment, and connection. Each time I work with my clients I feel not only fulfilled, but honored to be assisting them to achieve their highest expression.


    I also offer intuitive Tarot Readings. And yes they are as fun and mystical as you would hope! Click here to find out more.

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